Top Best portable chargers and external batteries for Your iPhone

IPhones are known for a small battery life. This will not be a problem with one of these power banks ideal for Apple smartphones. To charge your phone or iPad, check out our rankings of the best external batteries and never run out of batteries before the end of the day.

IPhones and iPads are undoubtedly one of the best devices that are present on the market, but if anything can be attributed to Apple, then their battery is autonomous, which expands faster with the passage of time.

Fortunately, the market for external batteries and portable chargers has increased, relatively small and easily transportable devices, which can be supplied to your smartphone, can supply the current and recharge it.

Choosing between so many proposals can not be as easy as it may seem, but in OnTrendingPlus we make it easier than ever with the list of best power banks and battery packs

1. EasyAcc External Battery 20000mAh

  • PVP: $ 36.99

There is no doubt that EasyAcc company sells high quality products, although some may look very expensive. This external 20000 mAh battery is no exception and on the other hand, the price is relatively inexpensive.

EasyAcc ensures that this device, when completed, is capable of charging up to 7×7 times the iPhone. This means that you can be a good ally when you are away from the socket for a day or two.

The battery contains four USB ports, which means that you can connect up to four devices at the same time. In addition, the charging capacity of the charger itself is fantastic, because you will only need 6 hours to complete it.

The process of charging connected smartphones is completely secure and is much faster than other external batteries, thanks to the intelligent technology involved, which will stop the transfer of the current when fully charged.

You will be able to know the charging status and the remaining battery with four LEDs included in the housing. In this sense, each of these lights corresponds to 25 percent of the electricity.

If you want to take this external eziac battery out, you would want to know that it incorporates an adequate bright internal torch in the dark, which will be particularly useful if you are regular in the camp.

Basic specifications

  • Battery storage: 20000 mAh
  • Dimensions: 167 x 79 x 22 mm
  • Weight: 0.45  kg

2. Mophie Lightning Powerstation

Maybe the company Mophie is best known for its cover of the iPhone and other brands, but the truth is that it is also very good to build external batteries by this Lightning connector.

We like most about this power bank. There are some models that have integrated a cable with this type of port, which is compatible with iPhone 6 or later. This means that you will not have to carry lightning cable anymore.

The operation of this portable charger, then very simple. When you are running out of the battery, you should ensure that the lead cable is connected to the charger until the end of the USB and plug the other end, lightning into your iPhone.

We like the most about this model that your battery has the power of 6,040 mAh. In practice, this means that if you use it to charge the iPhone X, then you can get an additional battery of up to 20 hours.

In addition, being able to charge two smartphones at the same time to include two charging ports is also very useful. You will easily see in the lower part of the power bank, which will be used to charge the battery next to the port.

Finally, like the other devices in this list, this charger has four small lights in Mophie, which will tell you how much battery power has left in the power bank, so do not forget to charge it.

3. Techlink portable charger 13600 mAh

Manufacturers of Techlink 13600mAh Portable Charger offer this product as a definitive device, which never goes out of the battery in mobile, while traveling at home or through public transport.

It is difficult to overcome the load capacity of this power bank, as it can charge up to 8 times the iPhone with a 0% battery. This is ideal, then, for those who run on the mountain without reaching the light socket.

We also especially like that the charger has two USB ports, which means that you can charge more than one device at a time, for example, your iPhone or iPad. In this case, obviously, the number of charges decreases.

If you are not worried about how much battery is still available in the power bank, just see five LEDs along the side of the device. Each represents 20% of each battery.

For those who are still looking for a stylish charger, you can bet on this technique peacefully, which fits in any pocket, though it is a bit thicker.

With a two-year guarantee, this power bank has five levels of security. In fact, it is designed in such a way that it does not get too hot nor does it prevent any short circuit.

Basic specifications

  • Battery storage: 13,600 mAh
  • Dimensions: 104 x 80 x 22 mm
  • Weight: 240 g

4. JBL Charge 3

There are many speakers in the technology market, including the work of using your internal battery to charge your iPhone, but without suspicion that stands for its versatility and portability, JBL Charge 3

It is a small cylinder-shaped device that can be easily moved to a pair of trousers in the back pocket. And for the most careless, the rubber shell provides extra protection in the case of falling in the middle of the road.

This is considered to be a very water resistant device. In fact, it has got a safety IP7 degree, which means that it can be dipped in depth of up to one meter. Therefore, if you wake up on the rainy day do not worry.

Apart from this, it also works as a portable speaker and the bass sound is surprisingly good. You will find your Bluetooth connection very convenient, as well as the noise canceling the microphone to make a call.

You can add multiple speakers that are chargers to get the maximum volume or opt for the ‘social’ function, which allows you to link three smartphones or tablets with Bluetooth and share music with your friends. .

It is true that some extent strong size of the device can pull you back slightly, but its capacity of 6000 mAh battery will allow you to listen to music for up to 20 hours or to fully charge your iPhone and listen to some music.

Basic specifications

  • Battery storage: 6000 mAh
  • Dimensions: 213  x 87 x 88.50 mm
  • Weight: 0.80  kg

5. Anker Astro E1 6700 mAh

PVP: $ 19.99
Despite not being a well-known brand, the anchor displays in all those products that produce a great knowledge in the technical world. It is also the case of this external battery E1 with a load capacity of 6,700 mAh.

It is enough to charge twice the battery storage iPhone 6 or iPhone 6, however, will have to settle for the iPhone you just a charge for 7 Plus. It is also compatible with Android smartphones.

To keep the spare batteries, you first power bank must charge the 2A adapter, which is not bad luck, and comes in a pack with a micro USB cable. It will take a little more than five hours to load.

On the other hand, we are fully confident of the size of the charger, which can be compared to an energy bar. It will fit perfectly in your pocket and wherever you go, it will be easy to transport. It also includes a case to prevent scratches.

PowerIQ technology has also been used in this battery. That means, when you connect the device you want to charge, the Power Bank can support automatically detect what is the fastest charging speeds (up to 2A).

Anchor E1 Charger is available on your Amazon page and can be bought in black, blue, white or red. If you are concerned about the reliability of this company, you will be assured to know that its warranty is 18 months.

Basic specifications

  • Battery storage: 6,700 mAh
  • Dimensions: 97 x 43 x 22 mm
  • Weight: 118 g

6. Mophie Power Reserve

PVP: $ 49.95

Another model of Mofi Recommended External Battery is Power Reserve, which is available in different colors, but if you want an elegant and sophisticated design, then you should wager on classic black.

This portable charger is designed to keep in pocket. You can do it without problems, whose length is 72 mm, width 38 mm and thickness 14.5 mm.

In addition, the device contains a metal ring so that you never lose it. Just use it to bind the charger to your backpack or even use it as a keychain, and when you need it most you will always keep it in hand.

Do you want to use external battery? Just give a button to release the key-ring. In this way you will have access to the Lightning Connection Cable which is hidden almost indirectly on one side of the device.

There is no other connection except this cable and USB port to connect the charger to power and charge its battery. This means that you can not use the power reserve to recharge devices with 30-pin connections.

You can also find out that the load capacity is limited to: 1350 mAh. This means that this charger is recommended only for iPods and iPhones and not so much for iPads, because in the latter case you can only charge the battery in half.

Basic specifications

  • Battery storage:  135 0  mAh
  • Dimensions:  72 x  38  x  14  mm
  • Weight: 0.54  kg

7. Moshi IonSlim 5K

Mosaic technology company ensures that its ionless 5K charger is the thinnest in the market, something that is more trustworthy if we consider it to be astonishing 8.5mm thick and its 13 cm long

This is the reason that this device is one of the most practical if you are able to take the priority you take comfortably. Its thinness will allow you to store it without problems in the pocket of your pants or your jacket.

And, why not say it, top quality anodized aluminum cover makes your design elegant and elegant. Which makes this battery ideal for anyone and for any occasion.

On the other hand, this battery includes a USB Type-A port and another USB Type-C port, which makes it compatible with almost any other device, not only with Apple products, but also its operating system is.

Now, you have to keep in mind that to charge your smartphone or tablet it will be necessary that you also have a 30-pin cable or lightning connection cable, which is for your model -according-to connect it to an external battery To be

This charger also uses the latest lithium polymer technology and is able to charge 5150 mAh, which is enough to recharge your iPhone or iPad twice from scratch when you exit the battery before returning home.

Basic specification

  • Battery storage: 5150 mAh
  • Dimensions:  130 x 70 x 8.5 mm
  • Weight: 0.14  kg

8. Techlink Recharge 12000

RRP: US $ 89.99
If you want an external battery that will perform well for a long time, you must definitely give the Recharge 12000 opportunity to Techlink, a technology company based in the United Kingdom.

As its name suggests, this powerful lithium polymer battery is able to power up to 12,000 mAh (millimeter) of electricity when fully charged.

This is enough to charge an iPhone 6 up to five times or to scrape the full battery of the iPad Air. Therefore, you can be sure that the recharge will be a good travel companion in the 12000 plane or train.

The charger has two USB ports, so you can use it to recharge two devices at the same time. It also includes a Lightning Cable and another Micro-USB cable if you want to use it with a non-Apple smartphone.

Besides, this is an intelligent device because, once the battery of your devices is filled again by 100%, it will stop the transmission of electric current and the battery of your smartphone will not be affected.

It’s true that it is not the easiest and easy to carry, but it includes a folded stand on which you can enjoy a movie while still loading your iPhone or iPad.

Basic specifications

  • Battery storage: 12000 mAh
  • Dimensions:  190 x 109 x 47 mm
  • Weight: 0.45 kg

9. Xtorm XB202LU USB-C Power Bank Discover 15,000

RRP: € 79 (about $ 92)
In MacWorld Spain, we especially recommend portable batteries from Xtorm, a Dutch brand that offers a wide variety of such devices for both Apple and Android devices, such as water and solar resistant.

One of the most powerful of the iPhone and iPad is the 15,000 mAh power bank, which has a quick charging option, which includes a lightning cable from the USB that will allow you to charge both smartphones and compatible iOS tablets.

This cable can be easily thanked for a magnet on one side of the battery which remains attached. In this sense, if you want to use it with devices with ports for 30-pin connectors – or any other – you have to purchase the cable separately.

One of the only things to throw this portable charger is that it takes approximately 12 hours to charge 0 to 100 percent. However, it will take a lot of time to finish the battery, which makes it a very practical tool.

You can take it wherever you want, because its weight and dimensions make it very portable. Xtorm says it can charge an iPhone eight times and laptop at least once. We have no complaints about this.

Also note the fact that you can charge up to two devices at a time, because the XB202LU has a standard USB port and another USB Quick Charge, which allows you to fill the battery more quickly.

Basic specifications

  • Battery storage: 15,000 mAh
  • Dimensions: 135.20 x 81.46 x 23 mm
  • Weight: 0.32 kg

10. Moshi IonBank 3K

PVP: $ 34.99
Okay. Maybe the power bank IonBank 3K is not the cheapest on the Moshi market, but we believe that when we say that the investment is meaningful. Not only will you take a very stylish product at home but also be ecological and practical.

Black onyx and burgundy available in red, this charger is covered with a soft, fully vegetarian synthetic leather, which contains lightning and USB connector wounds, so you should not worry about being a cable by hand.

Its elegance is noticeable on light hours. The touch of glamor is also obtained by aluminum front detection in which the power button contains a small LED that will help you to know if your device is fully charged.

In our own experience, its loading speed is good. For everyone, thanks to SmartInns Technique, you have the possibility to charge the power bank’s battery while charging your iPhone plug-in.

This is very practical when you have only a power outlet or a free USB on your computer. On the other hand, this portable Moshi Charger will allow you to synchronize your computer with your iPhone while connecting.

With the power of 3,200 mAh, this battery will be sufficient for charging on most iPhone models, although this is somewhat insufficient for plus range and iPhone X.

Basic specifications

  • Battery storage: 3,200 mAh
  • Dimensions: 182 x 91 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 104 g

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