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47GB ‘Fallout 76’ patch nearly replaces the entire game on PS4

47GB ‘Fallout 76’ patch nearly replaces the entire game on PS4

Before to release,beta testers of Bethesda’s Fallout 76

Tonight the Fallout 76 beta was supposed to unlock for a few hours so players on Xbox One, PS4 and PC could test it out.

Unfortunately for players on PC, for some reason many people saw the 50GB beta installation suddenly begin to redownload instead of unlocking — a serious problem since it was only scheduled for access between 7 PM and 11 PM ET. Bethesda’s support accounts haven’t mentioned anything about extending the test period, so hopefully none of you were impacted — otherwise you’ll have to wait until November 1st between 2 and 7 PM ET for another shot.

Update: Bethesda just announced that as a result of this bug, it’s extending the November 1st test session to run until 11 PM ET.


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Bethesda’s Fallout 76 ran into an issue that caused the entire game to spontaneously redownload itself on their PCs. Now a major patch has arrived on all platforms and for PS4 players at least, it’s a similar experience. Patch notes indicate the update addresses many performance and stability issues, as well as tweaking the game’s PVP mode. But on PlayStation, gamers faced a 47GB download, compared to the game’s initial 53GB install size (after the patch is applied it takes up roughly the same amount of space).

On Xbox and PC it was a more modest 15GB, but players who have bandwidth caps that are already stretched to their limit by fall releases aren’t all happy, with the game requiring nearly 100GB by itself in just a couple of weeks. The developers did mention this prior to releasing the update, and said “This update will be large compared to what we expect for patches going forward.” Of course, Overwatch just reinstalled itself with a new patch for at least the second time, so maybe it’s time for ISPs to ease up on bandwidth restrictions because the file sizes aren’t going down.

Fallout 76′ beta begins October 23rd

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You still have a while to wait before you can dive into fallout 76, though Bethesda is whetting fans’ appetites by releasing the game’s intro video and revealing launch dates for the beta. The clip sets up the story, in which survivors of a nuclear war are leaving their bunker and stepping into the West Virginia wasteland with the aim of rebuilding America.


If that video has you aching to play the online-only action RPG,

you may be pleased to know that Bethesda has announced when the beta will arrive. Xbox One players will be able to explore this post-apocalyptic world October 23rd, and PS4 and PC users can do so a week later. You’ll need to pre-order the game to access the beta, which will be around 45GB in size — there are currently no plans to let you pre-load the software.

Bethesda says one of its aims with the beta is to conduct stress tests. As such, the servers won’t be online continuously during the beta — chances are they’ll be available between four and eight hours per day. You’ll be able to play during certain timeframes as Bethesda wants to get as many people playing at once as possible. The studio will let players know when the servers are online via its social channels,

Fallout 76′ deals with trolls by making them part of the game

Bethesda Softworks

When Bethesda mentioned that Fallout 76 was an online game, you could hear alarm bells ringing in fans’ heads. How were they going to deal with the inevitable trolls who come in to ruin other players’ fun? Now we know: it’s making them a part of the game. In a presentation at QuakeCon, game lead Todd Howard revealed that people who kill unwilling victims will get bounties on their heads, with the money coming out of their total cap balance (that is, currency) and reflecting their character level. They’ll also be impossible to miss — you’ll see a red star on the map.

This will help you avoid troublemakers, but you’ll have a strong incentive to take them down. Fallout 76 will include a revenge mechanic that doubles the usual payout if you take down the person who killed you. You also won’t lose your core gear like weapons and armor, so you don’t have to worry that someone will swipe your hard-earned laser weapon.

Bethesda is also making it easier to avoid these headaches in the first place. You can block and ignore particular players, so you won’t have to deal with someone who regularly makes your game miserable. You can also switch on a “pacifist mode” for your weapons to prevent them from dealing any damage against fellow players, reducing the chances of accidentally picking a fight.

This concept isn’t completely novel. Grand Theft Auto Online, for instance, has a “mental state” system that increases rewards when you kill misbehaving players. It does, however, show that Bethesda is well aware of the potential for toxic players and wants to discourage them before they do much damage.


Overwatch’ fights toxic players by muting them on Xbox Live

Players with the “Avoid Me” reputation will have in-game voice chat disabled.

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Overwatch‘s team released the new map, Junkertown, and a few character tweaks in a moderately-sized update. But tucked away in the patch  was a new tool in Blizzard’s fight against toxicity in the game: Xbox Live users that earn enough scorn for the “Avoid Me” reputation are banned from in-game voice chat.


It’s a small consequence — those bad apples won’t have their play affected — but it spares everyone else from a player’s crappy or abusive attitude. Expanding the team’s toxicity-fighting toolset to include softer methods is just as important as introducing harsher punishments, especially if players are just having an uncharacteristically bad day.

This is the first new tool the Overwatch team is deploying to fight player toxicity, which it vowed to get tougher on earlier in the summer. Developer and face of the game’s team Jeff Kaplan uploaded a video last week urgingthe player community to behave better, pointing out that dealing with reported users took up time and delayed upcoming features.

So far, the team has disciplined over 480,000 players, Kaplan said, and they’ll continue to refine its reporting and consequence system. But when push comes to shove, the team would prefer to simply ban the worst-acting players from the game entirely rather than filter them into games reserved for bullies and malcontents.

Time will tell how the reputation-based muting works to curb bad attitudes on Xbox Live; As of yet, the team hasn’t announced whether this disciplinary action will be ported over to PSN or PC.

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