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Take 360 ​​degree photos and videos on your iPhone or iPad

360 ​​degree photos

360 ​​degree photos After Facebook added options on its platform, there is no doubt that 360-degree photos and videos have become a trend. If you want to create your own virtual reality image, then you have reached the right place.

In this article, we first review what it means to actually take 360 ​​and photos and videos, and then we’ll give you two options to do it on your iPhone or iPad. You should assess what you prefer: result or gratuity

What is a 360 degree photos or video?

360-degree photos and videos have come along with the popular trend of virtual reality. Facebook was the first social network to offer such images, which was much more immersive than standard people.

With Facebook, users can use their own finger or an accessory installed on their smartphone to create video or photos that are beyond a static image. Iran with a kind of virtual environment(360 ​​degree photos)

In addition to being able to enjoy them on Facebook, they are designed to be seen through virtual reality glasses. Along with the helmet, it will appear to you what you are showing in that photo or live video.

There is no doubt that it is a more rich experience for anyone looking at that photo or video, whether you want to relate the moment or your friends who could not have been in the person.

Method 1. Use the Preinstalled Camera app

The first option is to use the camera app that comes preinstalled on the iPhone or iPad. It should be said that this method will not help you achieve great results, but the ‘Panoramic’ function gives you 360. Will allow taking photos.

Now what does this really mean? You will not be able to take advantage of Facebook’s functionality, which allows you to rotate a photo and inspect all angles, but you can only take a photo that covers the 360º visual horizon manually.

Fortunately, you can get it from the iOS app’s Photoshop app. While you’re pan, keep in mind that Facebook recognizes it as only 360º if it has a fixed width.

dont worry. It is true that while you are doing it, measuring that width is something complicated, but it should be enough to use all the space left by the iPhone for the pan.

You can then upload it to your Facebook account. Just open the app installed on your iOS device, find it in your Photo Gallery and select it. You will separate those 360º photos from those people who are not those because they are marked with a spherical icon.

Once you have selected a photo, you should follow the instructions given on the screen. You will be presented with a preview of your 360º photos and then you can publish it. If this does not work, then it is usually resolved to try again.

360 ​​degree photos

Method 2. Bet on an accessory like Insta360 Nano

People who are not compatible with the Panoramic Camera app, they can choose an accessory for their iPhone or iPad, which allows you to take pictures and record videos in 360 °. An example is Insta360 nano camera.

This tool is very easy to use. You can connect it to your iPhone or iPad or just use it. In fact, you will only need your iOS device if you want to visualize what you paint or change the configuration of the 360 ​​with camera compatible with MicroSD.(360 ​​degree photos)

To take photos and videos, you have to connect the Insta360 nanoteo on your mobile or tablet through the Lightning Port, open the free app and give the shutter to capture the image. Try to keep the camera as stable as possible for best results.

Once you have 360 ​​photo, you have to tap the button to share it in the app. Instead of choosing a social network, you have to export the image as panoramic. Once exported, you can open the Facebook app.

On Facebook, make general steps to upload photos. You will notice that 360º photos will be marked with a spherical icon in the photo gallery. Just like before, just select it and upload it. If this does not work, repeat it again.

If you want to upload a 360º video, you will see that you can not see a preview with photos. In addition, it will take some time to climb longer than usual. The 20-second 360 A video can take 5 to 10 minutes.

One tip while using Insta360 Nano Camera: Take a step back while taking photos or recording a video. Facebook’s view is far off from what you can see through an Insta 360 nano app.(360 ​​degree photos)

On the other hand, keep in mind that the quality of the Insta360 Nano camera images is not as high as the previous generation system, but it is a good way to start in the world or just have a good time.

360 ​​degree photos

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