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2020 MacBook Pro: Rumors, premiere, design and specifications

In May this year, Apple upgraded its MacBook Pro range with the Touch Bar It added the Intel Coffee Lac 9th generation processor to 8 “core” model and 8th generation Intel 13 “model coffee coffee processor.

On the other hand, the MacBook Pro was not updated without the touch bar model. It may change next year, though the rumors that move with more force are those that show in 2020 the MacBook Pro will come with 16 “4K screen.

In this article, we have collected everything in the new MacBook Pro so far, in which speculations have been made about its release date, price, design and specifications.

Premier Date: When will the new MacBook Pro 2020 be released?

Considering that Apple announced the new MB Pro a few days before WWDC 2019 and that was the last time after almost a year, it is likely that the next generation of MacBook Pro will not be available until June 2020.

However, there is also the possibility that Apple has decided to update its model of 13 “, because it was not in May last year when it had upgraded the model of the 15th.” We hope you will do this and release them before the end of the year.

In fact, analyst Ming-Chi Ku had said in February that in 2019 we will look at the better version of the MacBook Pro 13 “, as well as a 16” laptop with Micro-LED technology. The latter plans can now be passed by 2020.

Price: how much will the new MacBook Pro 2020 cost?

In any case, it is clear that we have to wait a bit for the new MB Pro to come. If you already need a MB Pro, then we think 2019 models are still a good option. Try to avoid those who do not have a touch bar from 2017.

At present, the 13 “MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar has an initial price of € 1,999 / $ 41,999, while the cheapest 15″ MacBook Pro is priced at € 2,799 / $ 55,999. These prices have not changed in recent years and we think it will not change in 2020.

What can be changed is that Apple decided to sell the MacBook Pro 13 with the current price of € 1,505.59 / $ 29,999 without the touch bar. If so, Apple can give more value to another model like the 2018 MacBook Air, which is worth it. € 1,349 / $ 28,999

However, the Apple company can also decide to update these input models of the MB Pro, to meet the needs of a user who needs a powerful Mac laptop with less than € 2,000.

The range of Apple laptops is just a bit complicated. Many models with similar prices and sizes are designed for the same type of user, so choosing one or the other MB pro  is often complex.

Design: what will the new MacBook Pro 2020 look like?

All rumors tell that Apple will soon be thinking about presenting a major MacBook Pro for the world. In February, Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the 16 “MacBook Pro will come in 2019.

In particular, the popular analyst said that the screen would be 16.5 inches and thanks to the presence of this narrow bevel would be received. It would not be surprising that Apple has already done this on the iPad Pro and MacBook Air.

Maybe you think there is a lot to go from 15 inches to 16.5 inches, but you should keep in mind that despite the advertisement in the form of “MacBook Pro 15”, the laptop screen actually measures 15.4 inches diagonally.

Specifications: what features will the new MacBook Pro 2020 have?


The extra inch that would be achieved with a 16 “screen means that the MacBook Pro could offer more pixels than its predecessor. This is something that Mac users have been asking for years and their pleas could finally come true in 2020.

Most of the direct rivals of the MacBook Pro offer 4K screens. The fact that Apple models do not have this type of panel is somewhat disappointing, but everything points to the 2020 laptop will come with a 4K screen.

Mini-LED screen

Although it is not expected by the end of 2020 or 2021, the fact is that Apple can also work on including a mini-LED panel in its MacBook Pro. This assurance has also been given by Analyst Ming-Chi Koo.

There are many benefits to using the mini-LED panel, such as the wide spectrum of colors, better contrast, a high dynamic range, local attenuation, and zero “burning effect“. On the other hand, this type of screen uses more efficient energy.


In 2019, Apple added the 9th generation coffee lake processor to its 15 “MacBook Pro and updated the 8th generation chips for the 13th model. 9th generation processors can offer up to 8 cores.

Thinking in the future, after the next generation Intel processor becomes available, there is a possibility to upgrade to Apple MacBook Pro, though it is also rumored that Apple will be working on its own processor.

The next generation of Intel processors is Sunny Cove and Ice Lake. For now it seems that this cannon delay in the arrival of the lake, though Intel can finally decide to leave it completely and never come.

Anyway, the new architecture of the Intel processor will be the one that brings more news since 2015. It should improve performance, include a more powerful cash memory, and also sharpen cryptography, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


It is very likely that the 13 “MacBook Pro preserves its integrated graphics card, while the new 16” model will take a dedicated graphics card. Thus, unlike what happened in 2019, we will see new graphic cards in 2020.

That 13-inch model does not have a dedicated graphics card, it is not necessarily bad news because at least we know that with Ice Lake Chip’s graphics Iris Plus 655 GPU, we will be better now.

On the other hand, it is possible that the 16 “MacBook Pro is included as a Vega GPU standard. Currently, this option is only available when you set up your laptop because they come with a Radon Pro from the factory Are.


At present, all 13 “models offer 8GB RAM as a standard, although you can configure it with 16 GB RAM. In the case of 15” models, you can also buy it with 32 GB .

As expected, the 13 “model RAM 15” is less powerful than the MacBook ProSus. While the latter is DDR4 at 2400 MHz, the LPDDR3 of 2133 MHz is in small laptops.

According to an analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in February, the new 13 “MacBook Pro can also be configured with 1 GB RAM, we hope they finally include a DDR4 at 2400 MHz.


On the other hand, it is also a possibility that, with the new generation of MacBook Pros, the new standard of 802.11ax wifi, which reduces interference and improves the connection even when there are many people connected.

Touch Bar

The Touch Bar in the MB Pro was the most important change that was introduced in the range in 2016. It is a screen that replaces the function keys and that allows to control certain functions of certain programs and tools.

It supports Multi-Touch gestures, something that can be very useful when you are editing a photo or a video, for example. The best of all is that this bar can be customized so that you always have your most used commands at hand.

Throughout the years, the Touch Bar has been gaining compatibility with applications. Still it does not seem to be very popular, although this may also be due to the fact that the MacBook Pros with Touch Bar are more expensive.

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Gopal Yoga
Gopal Yoga

I would like to switch over to Mac from pc. But despite my desperate longing I cannot because there aren’t any ports on their computers. So how to attach everything. It becomes a totally useless piece of junk. And I think most of the computer using world feels the same. Ok create your futuristic no-ports computer, but run one that’s available with useful ports and SD card slot alongside, and just see how it affects sales. I would give up a few mm of thinness to have a computer you can actually use. Otherwise all that Ice-lake super technology might… Read more »

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